22 March 2012

Last Weekend

Yes, this is my son crawling on the table of a restaurant last Friday night.  That was the last time we will take Jude to dinner with us, even if it's before bedtime and he's taken good naps!  He was just born to wiggle and scream if wiggling is not allowed.

Speaking of naps, Jude is doing funny things with his, resulting in maybe 45 minutes of sleep for him a day, which is resulting Mom-o-la going BOOOONKERRRRRS!

Luckily he is doing cute things to compensate.  However I am not giving up on the naps.

Also, my Dad had a birthday on St. Patrick's Day!  We celebrated with the traditional corn beef, cabbage, and ginger cake!  Erin Go Bragh!  (And cue our Scottish ancestors spinning in their graves.)

Other than that, Jude is close to walking, finally drinking from a straw (I have random reasons for really working on that with him that I'm too lazy to explain), we're redoing the to-be guest room that for the last 2 years has been a "storage dump room" with poop colored two-toned walls, Jeff is finally watching Downton Abbey with me and while he won't admit this, I'm 100% sure he sees its value.  

Today is just one of those days.  This is Grump-a-tron Meredith, signing off.

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Linds Barttels said...

if it helps, i didn't think your post was very grumpy at all. today i carried faye from the car bc she had taken off her shoes as we drove. she SCREEEAAMED the whole time bc she wanted to be walking. also she is doing the weird short nap thing, too. i feel you- i need a redo for this week.