05 March 2012

Time Out from HI

  • Hair dilemma: I am in such a hair slump, and if you're me, that is saying something.  My bangs are longer than they have ever been and part of me would like to just have long hair without stubs stuck to my forehead.  BUT, I do love bangs, obviously I do or this wouldn't be the longest I've gone without them in like 5 years, and they hide my forehead wrinkles.  On the other hand, Jude yanks my hair and I have to put it up.  Would it be cute up with bangs?  I'm not feeling like it's so cute now.  

If you have an opinion and can bother to click out of your google reader, please give me your vote betwixt these two styles (and yes, of course I will live my life with that overdone pout on my face if I decide not to cut bangs):
  • Jude has sticky fingers.  I swear he is propelling himself into crazy land.  I am learning that nothing is out of reach for him.  At Faye Barttels' 1st bday party I had a slice of cake on a plate, I thought, far away from him.  He lunged and snatched the whole piece and shoved it into his face.  He ate most of it, too.  Similar scenarios happen far too often -- and I'm being so careful!   While he perches on my hip he will casually lean and knock things over.  It reminds me of Rupert from Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels tipping vases off the mantle to cause trouble.  I grit my teeth and remind myself he doesn't do it to upset me, he's just so sly about it I can't help but wonder.  

  • The MyFitnessPal app is pretty much dreamy.  My sisters and I have been buddying up and working with this app for a few months.  Sometimes I get lazy about it but it is probably the best one I've ever come across.  Having "friends" on it with you helps with the motivation, and it has the best food library.  I've been making a lot of smoothies from the book Revive and this app has a barcode scanner that makes "creating a recipe" ultra fast. 
  • Speaking of the smoothies, you MUST try out the above mentioned book and its smoothies.  I honestly feel like I'm doing my body huge favors by drinking them, Jeff is all flags forward, and as picky an eater as I am, they are tasty.
  • Today is the last day you can watch Downton on pbs.org.  The big question on my mind is whether or not Netflix is going to pick up Season 2 so I can have that as white noise throughout the day.
  • We watched LiLo's "comeback" on SNL.  So much face work done.  She's my little sister's age.
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[AnnieR] said...

i love you with a bang. they frame those amazing baby blues. and natD was the one who told me that having bangs is the best when you're putting your hair up a lot--somehow bangs makes it look more put together, more purposeful and less sloppy andy wholeheartedly agree.

Carrie said...

You are gorgeous either way, but I vote for the bangs. And I'm going to download my fitness pal now.

Linds Barttels said...

i exited google reader for you! bangs, darling. you just pull them off so well.