27 March 2012


That's right, Christmas.

Here are some pictures that I meant to sputter out here but never did.

Also, this week is going much better!  Thanks for the insights and advice.  I think my expectations are a little more realistic now, and also Jude is napping a bit better.  Baths also work miracles for grumpy babies.

Anyway, a visual feast:
He looks so small to me now!  And his hair wasn't quite as bushy.

Laughing at his cool, older cousin Sam, who unfortunately did not make it into the frame.

We dressed Ian and Jude in their Santa outfits for church on Christmas morning; so cute I just couldn't take it. 
Somewhere around Christmas he stopped letting me put hats on him, but man were they cute on his head.

He also started drinking out of a sippy at long last!  He clung to his traditional bottle for a long time but finally gave it up.  I was very excited to not have knocked-over bottles spilling on my floor anymore.  And a couple of weeks ago all of his sippies were dirty so I pulled out a bottle; he put it in his mouth and just did not know what to do with it.  He looked at me like, "what the heck IS this thing?"  Funny.

Aunt Elizabeth waited a long time to have an Eaton nephew or niece!  She gives him lots of love just like I have always given her kids lots of love.

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