01 April 2012

Hunger Games

After a couple of crazy weeks we finally got to go see Hunger Games last night. My thoughts:

(sidenote: Jeff just came in, looked behind my shoulder, and said, "Your thoughts.  Will you put in my thoughts too?" "Sure, what are they?" "I don't know I'm still thinking about it."

- Jennifer Lawrence was perfect.
- In the books I was totally on Team Peeta.  I wasn't so convinced in the movie.  There was just something missing.
- Cried a few times.  I wasn't expecting it to be a tear jerker.
- I had read somewhere during casting that Robert Downey Jr. was up for Haymitch, and after that no one else would do.  Plus Woody Harrelson's plastic hair was atrocious.  But in the end he was pretty funny and I was a believer.
- I laughed every time Stanley Tucci/Cesar the host would give background info, "For those of you who don't know, those are deadly blah blah blah" when it was so clearly, "For those of you who didn't read the books, those are deadly blah blah blah".  I know that happens in every movie, it was just much more in your face and it cracked me up.

All in all I give it 4 stars!  Sign me up for the next one!

Jude and I had some fun with PhotoBooth this week.  We normally don't venture into the office because he turns into a whirling dervish and can demolish important things quick as you can say "Bob's your uncle," but he worked with me a bit this time.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I've never been a give-me-summer-or-give-me-death girl, but this year I am thrilled to my finger tips about the pool and beach weather that is coming our way!  Jude is going to love it and I am going to love it with him. Peace!


Annie said...

You look beautiful Merzy! When can we get together?!

Alice said...

I HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY CONSUMED by the books the past 2 weeks. I finally finished all 3. I liked the movie. And yes I was routing for Peeta and the other night Jared made me go to sleep before finishing Mockingjay. I had dreams and was so distraught until the kids naptime because I didn't know if he and Katniss would be together. The feelings from the books are finally wearing off after a couple of days.