22 April 2012

Reuniting in the name of Love

 On Saturday, our dear friend Dre got married.  I was itching to get to the wedding to a) support AnDREa and Collin on their big day, b) see how amazing her hair looked, (she has this fantastic sheet of hair that can not be improved upon.  Several people asked me while looking at the wedding announcement on the fridge if she has extensions.  Nope, it's just unjustly beautiful.) and c) see some of our old Huntington Buddies.  I miss and love them!  Hugs abounded and I drank in every drop of catch-up chatter over delicious food.

Did I mention I love these guys??  Some of our HB friends we see regularly because they followed us down south, but I wish ALL of them would.  Some good times have been had with these ladies and gentlemen.

 Me and my date.  I wish we could've stayed longer, but baby etc. summoned us back.

Congrats to the new Willardson Family, you guys are terrif.

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