15 April 2012

Tree Chopping

Another reason for the left to hate us.

We had a big old tree in our back yard that tickled our bedroom windows and reached up almost to the chimney.  That sounds awesome at first, but then you find out it isn't awesome because that tree dumped somewhere between 3,945 and 4,271 leaves a day.  Then the leaves instantly turned black with a weird film on them.  I used to clean them up but it was pretty disheartening to look out the back yard door or windows 20 minutes later and see it just as it had been.  Jeff takes a DIY attitude with everything in the house, and I'm usually on board, but I forbid him to climb up 30 feet to chop it down.  Besides, after buying the saw and harness, wouldn't we shell out about as much cash as it would be to hire out, AND he'd lose a Saturday in the process?

We arranged the chop-down with a nice man who promised he'd come by "sometime on Saturday."  As the 3 of us hung out in our bedroom Saturday morning after a run, we wondered out loud what time it would happen.  Then we heard some rustling and looked out the window:

There he was, tearing that thing right down.  

Jude was mesmerized; Jeff was having bittersweet feelings as it does feel wrong on some level to cut down a healthy tree.  I just kept thinking about the back yard unavoidably and constantly covered in black discards.

Now the patio is immaculate and lovely, there are gallons more light pouring into our bedroom window, and we're full of plans of what to do with our back yard.  

The End

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Sarah said...

I'm sure the left hates us too. We chopped down 3 trees, lovely in some ways and completely healthy. Only problem was they were A. Slowly ruining our retaining/planter wall with their ever-growing roots. 2. Made the backyard crazy messy with little purple berries they dropped, and C. Allowed no light to peek into my kitchen. Bye bye trees, hello lovely light! :)