22 April 2012

New Noggin, Car, and Glasses

This weekend was a pretty big one for me.

We've been looking for the right "family car" for months.  Friday night was the night we pulled the trigger and BOOM!  Now there's a Honda Pilot in our driveway that I keep reminding myself is mine for the driving!    

Next: Four/For Eyes

Remember when I got glasses?  Well now I'm far-sighted too, and so to the optometrist I went.  Again. 

Here are my new glasses -- which brings me to....

We got Jude's hair cut this weekend.  I was planning on letting it grow wild and free, but an unfortunate trend was occurring: it was getting long and scraggly on top and in the front, the curls weighed out, and then in the back he had these tight curls that kept it close to the noggin.  The funk factor was a little too much for this boy (in my view) so we had it shaped up.  

He was doing great and feeling awesome, despite this stranger spraying water on his head and cutting, but the infant 2 rocket-seats down was having a full-on panic attack and after a while that started to wear on Jude.  It all ended in tears.  They gave me an envelope of his sheared curls and I will probably clutch it to my cheek years from now and weep for the days of yore.

Now he looks very old to me.  Also I would like to mention he has a natural faux hawk and it's much more coarse now that those (sniff) baby hairs are gone.  I love this little boy.  He brings so much happiness and excitement into our home and life.

A good but busy weekend for loads of reasons, and I am now going to go tackle Jeff and force him to snuggle with me while re-watching Mission Impossible 5 because we were too out of it to grasp all the twists and turns when we watched it on Friday night at 11:00.

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[AnnieR] said...

1. JuJu does look older, but still squishy, so all is well.
2. You look darling in glasses but you'd look darling in anything, even with a shaved head, an orange mumu, shaking a tambourine, Hari Krishna style.
3. We are car twinners. Our Pilot is that exact color. Well, i guess ours is the older sister to yours. Yes, ours is a girl. And yes, you will love love love yours, no matter what gender you deem yours to be.