09 April 2012

Kauai III

Ha!  You thought I was done with Hawaii.

Just a few more thoughts and a video of Jude eating his 1st Birthday Cake.  

Some extra things I loved about this vacation:
  • I loved getting out of bed in the morning and, upon surveying the piles of sheets and blankets, turning my back and walking out the bedroom door in search of breakfast goods.  Having the bedroom and bathroom cleaned by magical Hotel Fairies was something I thoroughly appreciated.  
  • Jeff vacations hard core.  I can't help but be swept up in his Vacation-to-the-Death mentality.
  • When Jeff and I were dating we went to his jacuzzi at least 4 times a week.  With Bryan and Amber there, we could all take shifts and get reacquainted with those bubbling tubs of chlorine.  Heaven!

Our baby turned 1!  Besides partying hard we told him about 5,000 times he was a 1 year old. My mind was flooded with memories of his birth.  I couldn't really make Jude's cake, although I would've loved to (especially considering Hawaii's cruel prices).  We got this gelato cake for a whopping $30.  Here is a clip of him enjoying it -- be still my heart:

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ultragain said...

The cake video is completely adorable!!