10 January 2010

13 Days

I was channel surfing for a minute and just found Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (released 2 years after my birth), a movie we for some reason used to always watch at my cousin Hilary's house in Palo Alto on our frequent trips there. I was completely enthralled by the high heels the women wore and the fedora hats. That's all a movie really needed to rope me in. Awesome shoes. And now that I'm watching it as an adult, I am actually following the plot! High 5s all around!


kt said...

OH man I love Romancing the Stone. I'm delighted that you do, too. And can we please contemplate the fantastic husky quality to Kathleen Turner's voice? so. fantastic.

Ann said...

good thing you are living proof of the bridal bouquet toss not being a fairytale :)

The Jensen Family said...

I very excited for you Merzy!!