16 January 2010

Praise Where Praise is Very Due

All my dear family, new and old, and dear friends, new and old, for being so sprightly and helpful with any and every part of this wedding, for traveling from afar, for imparting of twinkly enthusiasm and kind well wishing, for sharing wisdom and bequeathing tangible gifts that are much too kind and generous as we start our own little Hayes duo.

It puts a serious lump in my throat.


[AnnieR] said...

I wish I fit into the category of traveling from afar. I really, really do.

Ken said...

We wish we were to be there as well. But p.s., you're wedding announcement photo is hanging on our fridge, and it is by far the most adorable thing on the fridge. (And I have drawings from 4 year olds on there - so, you know - that's no small compliment.)
P.S.S. I am leaving Leavitt at the end of the month. More on that later.
Your friend,