02 January 2010

2009 is dayud and gone

I totally agree with most of the blogs I'm reading. 2009 went by Concord style and now I have to train my hands to write and type 10 instead of 09. I foresee some scribbles on papers I'm writing on and some ill-identified documents at work. I apologize and kick myself in advance. Not that anyone who reads this blog will be negatively affected for my errors.

2009 was about a lot of things, but here's a wee list of things that stuck out, and it's probably been obvious from what I've put on this blog.

1. Duh, I am getting married. I did my love falling in 2009; a better way to spend my time I've never seen! It's obviously all-consuming, and wonderfully so. Jeff makes me want to sing Celine Dion songs round the clock, and lucky for each and every one of you, I do it in my head and only do the signature Quebecan chest pounding in solitude.

2. Workety work. I went from no job to a crappy job to a less crappy job to a job that I love and keeps me on my toes. I have dream come true co-workers who I look forward to seeing -- and get to! -- pretty much every day.

3. A jumble of trying to find a hobbie (sewing in 2010?), stinking at writing, in fact, almost writing nothing, saw my sisters happier than I've ever seen em, missing my brother and watching his return date draw ever nearer, meeting up with my mom for "lunch" at south coast plaza about 343 times, and trying to be a grown up.

And I liked it and loved it. Not perfect, but cozy. I'm glad 2009 happened, and I can't wait for 2010 to happen too.

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Margaret said...

I think it is actually unfortunate for us that you sing Celine Dion in your head and not aloud. There are few things I find more entertaining than a Celine cover...."when you touch me like this, and when I hold you like that..."
Whats that? You want me to sing this at your wedding? Consider it done.