09 January 2010

People keep asking me if I'm freaking out that it's 2 weeks away. Nah just excited, although there are a few monster chunks of things to do and I'm still grinding my teeth in my sleep.

We can start moving our stuff into that apartment in which I will be living with a boy (weird) next Saturday. On Wednesday night I cleaned out my room, every nook, and this is what was bidden a farewell:

It looks like a steroid injected black raisin but really it's a bag of crap I am donating to the irvine garbage dump.

When I do these things I repeat to myself again and again, "I am not a pack rat. I am not a pack rat." I still do have a pile of stuff though, that I need to renegotiate.

Anyway, I'm done blogging now, peace out!

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Location:Diamante,Irvine,United States

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M + D said...

Yeaa Merzy I'm SUPER excited for you guys!I remember moving to our first apartment... and.. I STILL feel like Danny are just living together instead of actually married.. it's weird.. haha Anyway sorry I never got you my address ( 3709 S george mason dr #901e Falls church,va 22041) Hope you have the best wedding day ever!! xoxox