15 January 2010


Last year I was so into American Idol. At the beginning there were a few hopefuls that I might have actually listened to outside of the show. That's probably an exaggeration; now that my brain is reaching back that far only 1 comes to mind, and she was eliminated early on. Anyway, Tuesday night I caught the show and think it's time another one of Fox's moneymakers and I part ways. Hopefully amicably.

One of the reasons, not the main reason, but a big reason nonetheless, is encapsulated in a German word for which there is no English equivalent: Schadenfreude.

It means: malicious gloating over others' misfortunes.

I do enjoy watching hot dogging, presumptuous, aspiring Christina Aguileras being pulverized by an Englishman and his posse. And that's not quite a good enough reason to give up 2 nights a week and suffer through all the rest.

So goodbye, American Idol (as far as I can tell). It was fun while it lasted; I'll remember the good times and try to forget the Adam Lambert times.

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