11 January 2010

2 pictures that aren't of me and Jeff

1. Now this is what I call self-respect. While snarfling around in the fridge this morning I saw this note written clearly in my mother's script.

She is polite when she reminds herself to do a house chore. That made my day. And it made me think twice about my alarm clock message, "Out of bed, you lazy git!"
It also reminded me I'll have to remember to bring my cute shoe magnets that now adorn my parents' fridge to my new apartment.

2. Coka Lite. I know, I know. In the word-frequency novel scheme, diet coke is to me as marble is to vampire(s). But Coka Lite really is the best version of my not so shameful favorite drink, and I haven't had it since Costa Rica. Trial indeed!

The Barttels brought me back a bottle for helping out with the wedding. Lindsey, if I'd known this was coming I would have fanned you as needed, and carried around your dress train too. Perhaps even written your thank you cards for you.

This was hidden in the fridge last night and promptly imbibed today. Please note 2 extras: firstly, observing the time I am about to be late if I don't get moving, and secondly, are not those flowers gorgeous? Melissa L provided them for the wonderful bridal shower she threw on the 29th! They do live long and prosper, do they not! I'm most unworthy of all these things.


JKA said...

I have had this Coke Light... da bomb!
(and yes, it is much better than diet, doesn't light just sound more appealing than diet anyway?)

Elizabeth Jex said...

Oh my gosh! Mom's note is so funny! Tomorrow I will write myself a note to "Please wake up and run for 30 minutes. Thank you." Maybe my kindness to myself will be motivating.