18 February 2009


Yesterday I went to Disneyland (CA Adventure if we're going to be specific) with The Jexies.  Being there with Nephew (5) and Niece (3) and Baby Niece (3 months) made it a million times more fabulous.  They were beside themselves with glee 90% of the time, and it was s'darn cute I hardly noticed my pride being pinched by Nephew's ability to go enthusiastically go on all the rides I couldn't handle with a dry face until I was 10.  ALso, I got to go on Tower of Terror with just Elizabeth, and her reaction was fantastic.  Blood curdling screams mixed with gasps of laughter, and my hand was well squeezed.   

I also got to watch Baby Niece so the rest of the family could go on a ride together.  She just smiles and smiles, gurgles and coos.  It almost seems...perfectly wrong how much she just charms and delights and looks at you with such appreciation.  She better just stop it or I'm going to kiss her chubby cheeks right off.

P.S. I got some insight into what sort of a horrid, uptight mother I'll someday be.  I was going on a ride with Nephew.  Maybe some of you have been on one similar (I have at Great America in NorCal); there are individual swings and they all lift up and swing like crazy.  I had never thought it was even a frightening ride -- a big deal for a pansy like me.  Nephew was good on the height requirement.  As soon as I buckled him in and got into my swing, I started to panic.  This is ridiculous.  Look at him, so small, so young.  He's in this loose little swing??  No shoulder strap?  Just him and a metal seat attached to yards and yards of chain?  Doesn't metal bend and break from time to time??? What if he's not buckled properly?  I leaned over and started jiggling Nephew's clasps and safety restraints.  "Aunt Merzy, what are you doing?  We're not supposed to grab on to other swings!  I'm fine!"  "Just...just..just...do you want to hold my hand, [Nephew]??"  "What?  No -- we can't!!"  Then the ride began and my eyes were glued to him, I was probably wincing, and he just smiled and giggled the whole way through, waving to his Dad and sister every time we passed them watching from below.  I think I shaved 4 months off my life, and gave him a bear hug of relief after it was through.  He was a bit confused but gave me a zerbert with the hug, and then said, "Aunt Merzy, don't forget your purse from the bins over there."

I love those muffins of mine.

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