27 February 2009

last summer i got hooked on grey's anatomy.  i was living in vegas...what did you expect me to do -- go outside??  and in case you wanted MORE information on this dreamy subject, i have seen enough episodes to have identified The Grey's Double It Up method.  for some reason the script writers all think everything else is much more snazzy when they have the characters say their lines twice in rapid fire succession.  the second round is typically at a husky whisper or an "outside voice".  

ahem.  for example:

"her pain is at an 8.  she lives her life and her pain is at an 8!"

"i love you.  i friggin love you."

"i'm sorry we never got our chance.  i'm sorry we never got our chance."

"i don't need you to be sorry.  i don't need you to be sorry."

"i know i'm not a world class neuro surgeon.  i know that.  i know that."

"i made his bones.  i made his bones from scratch."

"i'm messed up.  i'm friggin messed up."

"it's in the past, iz.  it's in the past."

i could go on.  maybe you think, "that's why i don't watch that show."  or maybe you have already noted the Grey's Double It Up and, like me, will probably keep watching it until the cow's come home (or until patrick dempsey leaves the cast, whichever comes first).

why are these fake doctors standing in a field? duh, it improves dexterity.


KatieB said...

the writing for this show has gotten SO bad! it's painful to watch now. you are very right about the repeats. shonda rhimes has started making all the males talk the same as she has the girls talk now too. it's just awful. the show started going downhill after they had isaiah washington leave. the characters just started getting more and more and more annoying and messed up. yet for some reason chad and i keep watching it. go figure.

brightonislove said...

i cannot stop watching it either...even though its sick and dirty half the time now...oh well.

but now that you pointed out the repeats, thats going to bother me too. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!? ;)

::Meredith:: said...

you're quite right, katie. burke's presence is for whatever reason so crucial to the success of the writing. was he the muse? and christina isn't funny anymore. that's perhaps the greatest tragedy. she was the first mean character i ever admired so much. maybe one day i'll quit it.

Aubrey said...

my roommies got me hooked on this show this season. i really only started watching it for dempsey. he's a beautiful man.

and i can't remember what dexterity means? i beter google it.

Aubrey said...

dex-ter-i-ty: (noun) skill or adroitness in using the hands or body; agility.

Now I know. :)

charity said...

I too am hooked and the weeks they show a rerun are almost too painful to bear.

but what about the PP cross-over? I don't record Private Practice, so I had to resort to Hulu those few weeks to get filled in. nothing quite like watching a show where the audio doesn't quite match the video and seems like it's spliced together. ah.