01 March 2009

things to utter:

1. my older sister elizabeth just joined facebook, which means that in my own nook of eaton clan, only murdy and jim-a-lim (aka my 'rents, padres, those who gave me life) remain as non-facebookers.  elizabeth seems to be in the honeymoon phase, as evidenced by her frequent mixing-up of the profile picture and excessive wall posting (luckily she's charming and hilarious and i am well amused), but it shall soon fade.  i also don't anticipate my parents joining facebook, but then on the other hand, i had expected my parents to jump on the snuggy bandwagon long ago, and the only snuggy owner i know is my age!

2. i realized i must really be under the american idol spell when i heard myself say last week after a performance, "that didn't really showcase his voice.  i'm so disappointed."  nice one, merz.

3. tonight at work a woman spilled a latte on the ground.  ten minutes later a child barfed in the exact same spot.  true story.

4. my brother's been on his mission 9 months today.  c-c-c-crazay!

5. my roommate's been duped into subscribing to a runner magazine.  i'm sorry to say it's doubtful there are so many NEW DISCOVERIES or NEW TOPICS on running that they'll make each month's issue worth the guacamole.  they're basically just saying in a slightly different way, 12 times a year, "running's so cool!"  ah well, she has a good job and isn't about to be laid off so i appreciate her doing her consumer duty.

6. remember that one time i was blogging at 1:25 am for no apparent reason even though my eyelids were really heavy?  goodnight!

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Katie Waldron said...

HaHa. I can relate to your American Idol spell. I found myself uttering: "YOYOYO Dog YO". Just kidding. It was more along the lines of "Wow. Wrong song choice for you for me". :)