21 March 2009

at any given moment, i'm thinking,

"man, i wish i had me some pita chips and a bowl of guacamole."

lucky there are 2 important people in close proximity who make it, and make it good: aubrey and jeff.

and that's all i have to say about that.

in other news, my hairs are suffering, and shall be snipped, shaped, and coifed by none other than natalie-knows-what-she's-doing-dulaney this wednesday.  thrilled is what i am.

since i work about a mile from my parents' house, i get to pop in and visit with even more ease, stealth, and regularity than before.  every spring there is a family of ducks that come to "nest" and waddle around the carefully manicured gardens of my street.  yesterday i was leaving the house after my lunch break was through and daddy duck was chillin on the planter.  i took a picture, which you'd all be able to look at right now, except i don't have time to upload it.

because if i don't stop blogging right now i'm going to be late for work.  (!!!)

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