23 March 2009

far too quickly doth he grow.

my darling nephew turned 6 today. for reasons of privacy and to respect his mother's wishes i shall call him mr. bungaloo. 

mr. bungaloo is the finest of the bungaloos that ever were. during my time in vegas he was such a little companion, often giving a hug, a zerbert/raspberry, a "joke" (4-5 year old original humor...oh heaven help us all), a request for a youtube video (see below...our favorites were the "3 laughing babies" and the how does she know song? from the movie enchanted.)

when bungaloo's mother lets his hair grow, he has these lush, dark-blond curls. several women have stopped elizabeth as they go about town and said, pointing to his mane, "oh that's going to be trouble someday." 

bungaloo knows himself so well.  he's thoughtful and deliberate.  he gives me advice on whom i should marry, and loves that dog of his.  he is to the young social scene as paul mcartney was to the beatles, and makes friends faster than you can say "bob's your uncle." perhaps best of all, he's a sweet-hearted boy and has many deep and profound brain waves moving around in his head that help him see all the incentives to being a good child (unless his sister has been left in peace for far too long).

bungaloo, on this your 6th bday, i give you an auntie's salute! many happy returns!  i love you ever so.


April said...

What a cute little guy! Being an aunt is seriously the best. No... the very best. :)

Hilary and Dave said...

I know, I felt so lucky to spend some time with him and learn all about his gold and treasures. He is such a sweet heart. That picture of him in the Incredibles costume looks a lot like Elizabeth, especially the hair component.
I'm excited to see you over G.C. weekend! We shall have a ball, I tell you!

Jim Eaton said...

Great pics. Love it now. It goes by quickly.