10 March 2009

Ecua Boy

cameron's mission has been going by at a fairly quick pace (almost 10 months down, folks!), and everything's chugging along just great, but then every now and then i'll come across a day where i just miss him something awful.  yesterday was one of those.  i just don't think i ever wanted to give that big lug a hug and make him a milk shake as much as i did yesterday, and then for FHE we had to haul off and watch a church-ish movie about a highland, UT high school rugby team, which i would totally recommend, called forever strong.  (if you don't know my brother, i'll just inform you here and now he was a rugby starlet until he got a wicked knee injury).  in the name of missing the brother that is gone (until may 2010) but never forgotten, here are some fun facts about cam: 

  • he was an 11 lb. + baby.  my mother's very proud to still hold that record in their ward.
  • in fact, he was so big they originally thought mother meri was packing twins in there.
  • he's 6'4", and the only blond amongst us.  
  • i teased him a couple times that he was the "fed ex" kid.  it didn't go over so well.
  • dad always said that his blond locks come from our norwegian ancestors.  i always thought he was kidding, but then, the viking seed was spread throughout 70% of the world (thanks, history channel!), so yeah, his blond hair probably DOES come from our norwegian ancestors!
  • if you ever want something really, really sinfully gluttonous to eat but JUST a bite or two in hopes of retaining a somewhat girlish figure, he's your guy.  he'll finish the rest.
  • he can sing, but if he knows you're listening closely to him in a sacrament meeting hymn, he'll quit that and start humming.
  • he's been able to rock the guitar since he was 10.  it's actually pretty cute, because he'll be on some crazy riff, fingers totally spazing out, but his face is stoic as an asian tourist at disneyland.
  • he's picked up the bagpipes, the harmonica, the ukulele, he can tickle a few ivories, and sarah, am i missing any??
  • he wore his kilt to his junior prom with his tuxedo jacket.
  • when he laughs really hard his nostrils flair, in true mcomber fashion.
  • he's a really fantastically funny writer.  i hope he takes some writing classes upon returning to "the BY," and if he doesn't i shall throw a hissy directly.
  • maybe it's the blonde hair that makes him so, but he's one of the most selfless people i know.  quite regularly he'd help out around the house without being asked.  if you're in veg-splendor and ask him for a glass of water or to let the dog out, he'll hop to without hesitation.
  • our shtick was to go on a walk on sunday nights together.  he'd dish and i'd dish and i, of course, didn't know how much those walks meant to me until i'd moved.  
  • he ends all of his mission emails with "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" or, "THE GOSPEL IS TRUE, AND I PITY DA FOO'!"
  • and, as evidenced by the picture below, he is so hilarious and silly.  if you have the means, i highly recommend getting yourself a brother like cameron.


The Four Redheads said...

I think I have a brother just like him--his name's Cliff, and he's on a mission in Jacksonville, Florida! Were they friends before my family moved away from Irvine, or were they too young? Cameron seems a LOT like my brother.

Melly Mel said...

What a cute post Meredith about your brother. He sounds amazing.

THat festival sounds kind of incredible.