12 March 2009

my day

today i woke up feeling a little apprehensive. who wants to feel apprehensive? not i. i had to work at my soon-to-be old job and start the new one, i had to go to la mirada to get fingerprinted, the internet wasn't working at my apartment, and i hate, hate, HATE being new at a job. i like to know what i'm doing. i'm a creature who adores routine with a fringe of spontaneity. a new job offers none of that cozy familiarity. i feel like at almost 27, i am WAY too old to be starting a new job in a new field. this whole employed to unemployed to employed with a peanuts paying job to now thing has really reaked havoc on my ego. so those feelings twirling around with the feelings of a new job and the awkwardness of the "2 weeks notice hum drum" with an old job, i was just feeling like march 12 would not be my day.

when i'm apprehensive, i'm usually too busy feeling this way to do anything about it, but today i wanted to do some things "because i wannoo." please say that as a 3-6 year old who's wining. like this:

scenario 1

mother in a shrill voice: mary! please empty the dishwasher!

mary calling down from her barbie dreamcastle shelter: but i don' wannoo.

scenario 2

mother scolding: jimmy bob! WHY are you smearing my lipstick all over the egyptian cotton bedsheets?????

jimmy bob without a hint of remorse: because i wannoo.

ok back to me. there were 2 or 3 things i did just because at the time i thought, "i wannoo." like i drove to irvine (the US bank branch i'm now working at is about 1 mile away from my parents' house) with my laptop, took a shower and got ready there, ate lunch (thanks for the grub!), checked my email, blah blah blah. it might have been more time efficient to do this in huntington, but it just felt good to be in the edifice of my upbringing. i love it there. then i got a chocolate diet coke. just because i wannoo. those were about the only "wannoo" things i could do, so then i went to us bank (love my new co-workers). then i went to la mirada (this place smells like BO, no offense to anyone who feels a kinship to that land). then i went to charles david and got there 20 minutes late (but they had a heads up concerning that tardiness).

little did i know that march 12 actually WOULD be my day. in the late afternoon i found out why. let me tell you folks.

i got myself hand delivered flowers at charles david by a tall, blond, and handsome guy. so cute. my co-workers were pea green with envy.

and then we made pizza at 10pm. i sprinkled cheese to my heart's content.
because sometimes you get to do things just because you wannoo.
life is good.
the end.

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liNdsEYloO said...

wait wait wait wait!!! tell me you work at the USbank on Culver & Barranca! tell me. bc that's where i go to bank!!