15 March 2009

Sarah hearts Harry, and Harry hearts Sarah.

it's (finally!!!) official! there's a ring, a date, a bride, a groom. sarah eaton + harry reynolds = lurve.

do you want to know what's kinda cool? for years i have called sarah "sally." so now we get to be really hilarious/cool and say things like, "hey, have you seen when harry met sally???"

i actually remember the day harry met sally. it was at annie garlock reynolds' uncommonly delightful wedding on june 9, 2001. we were at five crowns restaurant in corona del mar. i had already met and bonded with harry enough to be able to say prior to the wedding, "harry.  you should totally go out with my sister."  it seemed agreeable to him but the thing with those pesky set ups is just because you have a 5 star female and a 5 star male, it doesn't mean they'll have self-perpetuating conversation and be inclined to pinch each other's bottoms.  but then came the day of the wedding and at the reception i pulled harrison aside, and said, "hey, that's the sister i was telling you about.  over in the corner."  (she was probably tossing her long chocolate locks with a quick whip of her head, and looking wistfully towards the pacific ocean.  or picking her nose.)  whatever she was doing, harry looked over at her, looked back at me, and did the quick little double eyebrow lift and said, "yeah, cool."  unfortunately, sarah was but 15, and in the eaton world one cannot salir with a dude until the 16 birfday candles have been blown out.  then there was that inevitable mission of harry's, a couple of random dates at BYU...fast forward to september 2007.  they started making eyes at each other, and have been for the last year and a half, which pretty much means they'll have a statue commissioned for them at BYU.  they'll be the "holding out" monument.  they'll put it in the quad.  

by the way, while i type this i'm listening to glenn beck in the background.  he's bawling about how much he loves his country.  what a dude.

anyway, i knew sarah would end up with someone great.  she's absolutely the living end, and i love her so much.  it would be silly to try and communicate how thrilled i am that harry met sally, he's someone who gets her and makes her giggle.  july 28th, baby!

please don't make my bridesmaid dress peach, sar.


Sarah said...

I won't make your bridesmaid dress peach if you put that the date is actually July 25th, because we're actually getting married that day. :)

Thanks my lurvy pixie doodle. I lurve you with all the lurvins of my being.

Margaret said...

I need to make it down for that. So excited.

Aubrey said...

yay for sally...i mean sarah! :)

Nat D said...

So exciting! congrats to your fam!

melissalundquist said...

peach... ha ha that would be terrible! Cute sister. She is gorgeous. You girls are so beautiful!!! When Harry Met Sarah... I like it.