30 March 2009

i tell you what.

- today i was in costco on my lunch break picking up a thing or two, at the check out, and after the woman in front of me was finished buying enough food to feed the country of malta for 3 to 5 years, it was my turn.  this burley man who appeared to be in his 50s, whom i have never laid eyeballs on before, came squeezing in between me and the check out counter behind me, slugged me on the arm so hard i had to steady myself, and said jovially, "be sure and charge this one extra!"  the cashier and bagger ladies asked, "friend of yours?"  "no, i've never seen him before in my life!"  then i thought about all the times i hugged dark suited legs after the 3rd hour of church, begging to go home to get some vittles, only to look up and find those legs did NOT belong to my dad.  i'm hoping that burly old man only mistook me for some teasy friend.  if not, i just...have no answers.

- i LOVE the movie the baxter. i started to watch it a few weeks ago when jeff's roommate had rented it, and despite it's terrific nature i was falling asleep, so i left half way through. this morning it was on tv so as i got ready for work i got to finish it off. did this movie come out when i was on my mission or something? why did no one ever tell me about it? why did no one ever make a big deal about it? annie, i'm expecting that at least you saw and love this movie.

- tonight i went jogging/running (?) with jeff and while i can definitely say i've had more leisurely moments in my life, i didn't keel over either.  onward christian soldiers.

- my parents got a new computer.  mother meri and father eaton really know how to get the most bang for their buck.  the purple computer we've been scraping from for the last gazillion years is...gone!  in its place is a shiny new dell (no i'm not holding it against them it's not a mac).  and yes, of COURSE i am going to miss the purple groaning computer!  i really, really am!  it saw us, all of us eatons, through so much, and in the end, even allowed me to download picasa 3 (genius).  like my dad's volvo, it gave so much, only asked for an electric outlet in return...and now...goodbyes are horrible.  but the new computer has a knock off of photo booth.  i'm sure that someone in the 50s wrote a song that could be applied to the good times which are most definitely coming our way with this new technological gem.

- harry's really lucky, because sarah made this lemon cake last saturday night that could have brought bonnie and clyde back into subordination.  oh happy, happy lemon cake!  come again soon!

and here's a picture of me and my mom to polish off this post.

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