01 April 2009

piglet meets piglet

about a week ago a bundle of my friends returned from europe. whilst i was thrilled for them to partake of the toe-thrilling wonders, i have been worried i was at risk of letting my jealousy get the better of me. last friday we sat at the end of the table at shav's bday dinner peppered with euro travelers, and the stories of museums and famous thises and thats were in no short supply. i girded my loins, and came out triumphant over the impulse to buy a plane ticket i can't afford across that big atlantic.  they obviously had as much fun as i'd hoped, and their quality of life surely just went up a few knotches.  

then i remembered a residual benefit of the most darling people going on trips without you. they so kindly bring you 1, 2, 3, 4 bags of these little beauties:

thanks my dears. you have no idea how much i love me a percy pig.


dre said...

Meredith K. Eaton... WE are going to Mexico for SEVEN days... Longer than their trip. AND you also get to go with a great (if not greater) group! It is going to be a lot of fun getting dark/burned, drinking virgin daiquiris and just relaxing. If you ask me, OUR vacation will be a real vacation.

Aubrey said...

Next time I am MAKING you come to Europe with me. We're doing Italy and Greece. Start saving those pennies!