20 April 2009

Coachizzle Part II

I lied.  Coachizzle Part III will be societal observations, and Part II is video.  Why I am putting on these videos I know not, because I rarely watch blog videos.  I never seem to be in the right place to do it (ie I'm at work when I read the blog).  Further mystery stems from the fact that I am hardly a videographer.  Half way through I start bouncing around because I just get to feelin that rhythm so much.  And my viewers become sea sick.  BUT I post just in case, I suppose.  In this first video you'll see Brandon "Brando" Brown rockin out, and my boo, who is also busy with a video of his own.  And, of course, the men of the hour on stage. I just knew they were going to open with this song. Maybe I'm psychic...or maybe it was just a hit single they released.

Next video. Have you seen The Holiday? If you have, you'll know why I'm screaming like a maniac one line of lyrics. I did that for you, Elizabean. This song is just way too much fun. Sam and Sadie used to LOVE rocking out to this song with me and Elizabeth in their kitchen while making dinner; they'd request it all the time. It's unfortunate that now Sam's old enough to catch on to the...ahem...more mature lyrical content. And with that rosy introduction, I give you:


Shauna said...

oh merz, i never watch blog videos, and i watched both of these and then i went to the killers website to look up tickets and cried a little because I CANNOT AFFORD IT.

elizabeth said...

I thought I had really kissed my rock concert attending days good-bye until that video. Every time a cool band comes to Vegas (and you know they always do) I can't get myself to agree to pay the mega bucks it costs to go. So I so appreciate getting a glimpse on your blog for free! I just watched that with my arms in the air, singing all the lyrics and wishing we could have joined you for that concert. Ah well. Sitting at home with our snuggly baby and little munchkins is pretty much as good as it gets too. Now I've got to watch VEINTE QUATRO CON MI AMOR!

Margaret said...

So jealous. More posts to come?