22 April 2009

Published. Twice.

Jeffrey M. Hayes, Esquire, new stud muffin at Payne & Fears LLP, has been published in The Journal of the Legal Profession.  His article, To Recuse or to Refuse: Self-Judging and the Reasonable Personal Problem, is quite a wonder, and I would know, because I helped edit it.  As a reward for my scrutinizing I was gifted with my own copy :).  I bet he'll watch a period piece with me too.  

I'm just pretty darn proud of him.


ericareynolds said...

So am I.

liNdsEYloO said...

yay! hooray jefe- thats pretty bomb- it bet its bc you have a great editor ;)

elizabeth said...

Jeff the published man! That is just fabulous. We are honored to be associated with a man of such high intelligence and writing capabilities. You should go on a cruise or something to celebrate... and be sure to get a topping next time you go to Golden Spoon. You totally deserve it.

Katie said...

Payne & Fears huh? Now that's big time!