10 April 2009

Have you ever

received a phone call from a fabulous friend and neighbor about 30 minutes before you were due to awaken, debated answering for a moment because you're keenly aware that coherent sentences are few and far between for the first 20 minutes of the morning, but answered it anyway?  And then she informs you that your car is being stared down by the parking patrol and you'd better come move it?  And all you needed to hear are the words "Parking Patrol" before you're kicked into high energy gear and you LEAP out of bed, in all your sleeping arranged attire, and sprint through your apartment, out the door, down the street...

And then when you get to your friend and neighbor (who's parked right in front of you) you find out The Fuzz threw you a bone and didn't ticket.  But you're standing there in your non-bright eyed and bushy tailed superior glory, getting the scoop from your fabulous friend and neighbor, and then some random man walking his little mini dogs in a striped sweater from The Cosby Show And Beyond, comes marching up and starts to throw in his 2 cents? "Oh yeah, you're definitely cuttin it close, there."  Then your fabulous friend and neighbor leaves for work and you start briskly walking, arms folded tight, back to your apartment, and Random Sweater Man decides to keep up the conversation, asking such lovely questions as, "So, you must live in that apartment right there with that beautiful dog!"  "Nope, I don't live there."  "Ah, so have you lived here long?"  "Do you often receive parking tickets?" and other such questions that make you fight the impulse to give him the stink eye?  And then you pick up the pace a little and turn into your apartment complex and he leaves you with some classic departing words, "Welp, have a good one, hope to see you soon!"

You guessed it, that was my start to my Friday.

In other news, Jeff's gone to squish his family, but Aly's going to be my arm candy tonight, because she's in TIZOOOOWN!  I feel good about that. 

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