05 April 2009

some cute things i've beheld:

- niece and nephew drew pictures for me.  oh this is sweet, but can be stressful.  with the presentation of their fancy fingerwork they always ask me, "do you know who that one is?" and point to one of the many gender-neutral appearing figures.  "uh....julia?"  "no, that's ME!  and that's you right there!"  oh, of COURSE!  i always worry they'll be offended if i get it wrong, if it's not obvious to me that no, THAT stick figure with a bush of hair isn't a 4 month old baby girl, but a 6 year old boy!  but so far i've not pinched their egos.

- i was sitting next to nephew watching la conferencia, and i got up to use they ladies' room.  my nephew gasped and asked, "where are you going?  we were going to do that thing!"  i didn't have the foggiest what he was talking about.  then he winked at me and said, "you know, you were going to help me write that email???"  then i remembered, he wanted to write jeff a note.  

- my niece is currently singing to herself wearing a BYU cheerleader outfit over a long sleeved t-shirt and stretchy pants (it's cold in vegas still!), and marveling at her stickers.  

- i woke up to the smell of waffles.  elizabeth beckoned me upstairs to keep her company while she million-tasked.  the baby was crying so i scooped her up and we walked by one of the 3 tvs on which conference was streaming.  i paused to say to the weeping babe, "look, julia, that's president uchtdorf.  he's the most handsome general authority of the church."  julia stopped crying instantly and stared at the screen for a full 30 seconds before remembering she was hungry.  it's never too early in the morning to teach a small child.  

- sam gets seriously thrilled when president monson comes on screen.  

good weekend.

and i blogged all this during the hymn, so don't get all judgey mcjudger on me.

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