14 April 2009

Photographs of my Life of Late:

Isn't my sister great?  I had such a lovely time in Vegas over Conference weekend, it was tragic to leave.  Not only is she gothic like me (ppffffft), but she's a super mom, funny as they come, and a great hostess.  She and Kris come up with some great stuff, too, as is evidenced by the next photo....

My nieces are so good at being heaven.

Gene pool peeps.  My mom's firm has box seats so we went to the Angels Game last week and later that night one of their pitchers was killed in a hit-and-run.  Horrible.

You know when your dear old friend opens the door to welcome you into her parents' home and you are so excited to see her you audibly squeal?  Maybe you heard me squeal...around 7:45 pm last Friday?  It was good to see Alyson, she's such a classic one.

Kris, you clean up nice.

Shauna's bday din din at one of my favorite restaurants, CPK.  Yes sir.

Yes I know what those look like, but let me tell you what they actually, in their truth, are.  They are Marshmallow Peeps smothered in melted Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Since church doesn't start until 1pm I had a load of time on my hands one morning and then blossomed what I thought was a stroke of genius.  Really it was the adversary trying to distract me from doing something spiritually profitable.  This attempt at gratifying gluttony crashed and burned big time... kinda like when Madonna married Sean Penn.  They're both horrible so they should have been happy together... but pre-nups were called into action.  And so it was with the marriage of 2 of the most quality candies there are.  For all the reasons they should be right, they were wrong, wrong, wrong.  Spat out, thrown out, done.

Now this is the meaning of life right here: Simon Cowell and frosting cookies. 
If only it were so....

D-land with Jeff...I probably would have been screaming or sticking out my tongue too but I was a bit preoccupied with my drink (Diet Coke) that was between my feet.  2 loops on this ride and it didn't even spill!  Thanks, physics, you're real helpful.

And that's that, folks!


Hilary and Dave said...

Merzy, I'm sorry, but you are HILARIOUS! I love how you combined the two quintessential Easter candies into one gooey treat. And, man, I wish I was there to crash the Elizabeth-Meredith-Conference party. I love you guys!!!!

April said...

All your pictures are so fun!

Sarah said...

wait, where was i?!

i, yeah. freezing in a heaping pile of snow 2 states away.

and i would have eaten a cadbury peep with you, just so you know.

Andrew+Aly said...

I was blogged- I wondered what that text meant! It made my trip just seeing you last Friday. Too bad I don't look so good in the pic. It was just one of those camera days that no matter how many times we retook the pic I still look bad- I just had to give up and stop denying it :) But hey- at least you looked beautiful! Love you merzy!