21 April 2009

Coachizzle Part III

Let's see...where to begin, where to begin.

People Watching never ceases to entertain, most especially while you're at a concert. Coachella was no exception -- in fact, it set the bar, and somewhere out in Jupiter's orbit.  While there was the occasional Lacoste polo shirt + loafers + Suddenly Silver couple, I'd say the sweeping majority consisted of 21st Century Hippies. Guess what, though: you can't be a hippie and shop at Target.  I don't know where hippies are permitted to shop, but I'm pretty sure if the Hippie Council found out you'd swiped your hemp debit card at Target, you'd get excommunicated.  I saw the same dress (the fashion industry calls it a "Maxi" dress, Jeff calls it a "Pioneer" dress) about a bajillion times, and I have one, and bought it with the gift card from Shauna, so...there. The proof is in the pudding.  Wannabe 21st Century Hippies.  And they were all over the moon about the fact that they were at a festival that quacked and walked like a Woodstock.  And you know what Woodstock meant, it meant (or so I hear) lots and lots of P to the Ot.

Which brings me to my next item.  You don't "burn one down" anymore.  You "sesh."  If I had a nickel for every time I heard, "Ah, man, we gotta sesh!" I would be able to quit my job and be a full time groupie for The Killers.  Brando was just telling us the tale of being burned by a cigarette at Coachella 2008 when a "sesh-ing" group above/next to us surrendered a burning ash and guess where it landed.  All for the love of the music.  

And I'm prone to over-analyzing, but I'm just NOT going to think about the possible reasons why I was more hungry after the concert than I've ever been in my ENTIRE LIFE.  Why, oh why did Jeff and I down a bag of peanut covered pretzels, every crumb inside that big Fritos bag, and half a bag of trail mix after we found our car in the dusty parking lot?  "Dude, munchies.  Who wants some munchies?  Hey, where's my office?!  I totally lost it!"  Name the tv show and episode.

And now, some visuals:


When one has tired of his mannequin, he has tired of life and all that it has to offer.

This is my boyfriend Jeff, and he likes to party.

No, I wasn't extremely tickled about having a VIP Pass or anything.  Why?

My sister calls us "Jeredith."

Brando's hard core.

No words.  Not one.

Erica and Robert, we will so babysit for free.

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ericareynolds said...

You know it! I am taking you up on that! Cha-ching!!!