19 April 2009

Coachizzle Part I

If you have not seen The Killers live, make haste! Put thy limbs to merriment and march ye to the Woodstock of the new year! Have you ever been to a concert where you felt sure they picked the set list based on your every wish? Brandon Flowers is a total hunk in 3-D, by the way. A reluctant distant second to my date, but still nice to look at. I think one of the best things about going to a concert is you see in what sort of a jig the performers engage themselves. There have been some good ones in years past. G-love sat on a bar stool and slapped his knees together as if to guard the beat, Paul McCartney bounced a little -- less vigorously than he did as a 20 year old heart throb, but this is to be expected for a 60-something year old heart throb. Chris Martin did a variety of "I'm standing on hot coals" hops, heel clicks, and "kneel-on-the-ground and sing to the dust bunnies"s. Anyway, last night I got to collect a few more jiggy jigs. The Killers have a fantastic stage presence and it's clear that while they are all feeling that music, it's not in a postured or obnoxious way. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy they get to do what they so clearly love, and make some piles of money at it. What a great show; my affections for them just chugged an energy drink.

M.I.A. thud wold democracy, I got mo recods than the KGB...

I'm not going to spend too much time talking about her performance because the memory of the fog horns that some IDIOT on her tour crew thought would be just BRILLIANT to blast every 5 SECONDS might bring back the headache that it gave me last night. Besides that major lapse in performance sanity, she was pretty good, very casual. She talked about her baby a bit, and said, "I just wont you to know, just because I went and did the Grammies, doesn't mayn I gone and so'd out." Oh phew, because evolving from fog horns would be bad, very bad for the integrity of her craft.

Now concludes Part I. Part II's publication date is at the mercy of Jeff, for he was the dominating photographer of the evening, and Part II's purpose is visual and societal observations of the wonder that is/was Coachella.
Peace, love, and second hand dope.

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