03 April 2009

my bags are mentally packed.

have you ever done that? shared a room with someone and when you got home for the night they were already asleep, so you couldn't pack for your trip the next day, but you planned out in your mind what you were going to stash in your bag in the morning?

well, i got myself a long weekend, and i decided i must visit far off adored ones.

jeff asked, "what are you going to do in vegas all weekend?"

my reply: "squish the baby."

i ask you, who wouldn't?

and i'll be smooshing these 2 as well....

i can hardly wait.


Jim Eaton said...

What incredibly adorable children. I can’t believe how beautiful they are – and the photography is excellent.

laceyjo said...

Have such a blast in Vegas! I miss you already. :)

Shauna said...

ok so it appears you and i will be having the exact same weekend. Squishing and kissing the littles ones inbetween sessions of conference, er...uh...playing at the park.

thats what tivo is for!

and just so you know, you are my ALL TIME favorite person right now, and im pretty sure you know why.