27 April 2009

just in case you were wondering...

- my brother will hit his 11 month mark on his mission o' loveliness TOMORROW.
- my favorite show kings got cancelled already.
- i wish i knew how to maneuver my way around the graphic design world so i could make a swingin new banner for my blog.
- i'm moving in 2 weeks. time for this lamb to have her own room.
- i made a cheesecake yesterday. did you know cheesecake makes your arms jiggle?
- i'm freezing right now. why does every edifice in orange county think the world will implode if the air conditioning is not at a frosty roar?
- i got my gym pass reactivated. i know, that sentence right there sort of deserves its own blog post. why would i do such a thing? i've seen lots of people walk by me at work who are the picture of crumbling health. it's been very motivating. i also have been trying to cut down from 25 gallons of satan sauce a day to 1 can (maybe 2). lots of water besides. baby steps, people. baby steps.

peace out, y'all.

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