01 April 2009

current obsessions

1. pepperjack cheese (just bring a mint for a few minutes after, because what good could spice + dairy possibly do for a person's breath?)

2. my winding wheel by ryan adams.

3. kings -- the new tv drama with a loose biblical foundation. right now it's very promising, i only wish i could have a word with the person who's doing the princess' hair.

4. jethro tull...oh wait, no, i am NOT obsessed with jethro tull. they just play his tunes at work ALL. THE. TIME. what oh what is a bungle in the jungle?

5. i'm back on david sedaris. short stories just work better for girls with short attention spans such as moi.

6. cds in the car. maybe that's not so much a current obsession, but i do think it's worthy of a mention. i think my life expectancy just sky rocketed since i stopped bringing my ipod and don't have it to fiddle through while driving on the freeway. i basically listen to the same songs over and over again until i overdose on them, anyway. then i cast them aside like an ugly kitten.

7. bah. is it insane to wear the turtlenecks i love as the weather turns warmer?

8. sweet potato fries. remember when there was a big to-do when dan quayle spelled that word with an "e"? ah, the good old days.

9. let's go back to ryan adams. i always had this dream, this little tiny dream of taking a rocker in his miserable, narcotics saturated state, cleaning him up -- pulling a mrs. robert downey jr. if you will. our artistic inclinations would enable us to mesh perfectly, and it'd be love. then i'd have loads of songs written for me, and maybe one of them would have a harmonica in it. ever since i heard everybody knows by ryan adams about 1 year ago, and then heard a mini-bio from harry and sarah and cam, i decided if ryan and i ever came face to face, we'd just be MFEO and my mission for us would be mutually transparent.

it is with much cringing that i announce to those who do not already know that he just married MANDY MOORE. you know, mandy moore, the bubble gum walk to remember cheese bomber who once crooned a la revealed midriff the lyrics, "i'm missin you like candy" (don't forget that candy is actually said "cannnday-ay-ayyyy"). gross. my little hero dream snatched up by someone that emerged in the 98 degrees era. sometimes bad things happen to good people.

10. and last but not least, you. ;)


Carrie said...

I LOVE pepper jack

Margaret said...

I went through a Jethro Tull stage. Couldn't get enough of Locomotive Breath, the way he jams on his flute.

And you don't want to deal with Ryan Adams. The stress of a recovering junkie would be tougher than straightening Rufus.

Margaret said...

Wait, Rufus is a recovering junkie too. A gay recovering junkie would be very difficult.

How about a member of Jericho Road?

[AnnieR] said...

1. Me too!

2. Always a pleasure.

3. Don't need any more TV to squeeze into my schedule, thank you.

4. Bungle in the Jungle...Come on, Merz. Did you not attend the Mother/Daughter Tea in 5th grade? Actually, I think I was at your house that night when you went. Well, anyway, you'll just have to wait until you're married for that one.

5. I'm glad you're back onto David Sedaris. It means you're laughing more, no doubt.

6. Make yourself some CD mixes! Maybe throw some Jethro Tull in there! And some Ryan Adams! And some Mandy Moore! You can call it "My Current Obsessions Blog Post Mixxx" You always have to add three x's at the end.

7. It is insane to wear turtlenecks period. You never know when they're going to touch your neck. There you are, just minding your own business and nothing is touching your neck and then you turn your head to answer a question or something and all of a sudden, there's something touching your neck! Creep sauce!

8. I have yet to try the sweet potato fry. I'm still diggin on the originals, unfortunately.

9. So you have a savior complex, too, eh? That's why I always liked Jess instead of Dean or Logan. Because I could saaaaave him. And make him haaaaappy. I think you and Ryan would have gotten along smashingly. You've got a Mandy Moore vibe to you. Heehee. I would say "Just kidding!" but I'm not.

10. Backatcha.

[AnnieR] said...

And Margaret is still as funny as she always was.

::Meredith:: said...

annie, i love you eternally but i may never forgive you for saying i'm like manday moore and her candaayyyayayay.

Sarah said...

whoa whoa.

stopping in vegas but not coming to provo? boo indeed.

but i must say, mandy moore has managed to shimme into some interesting relationships. need we be surprised that she shimmed right up to mr. halloweenhead? there's zach braff... andy roddick... and actually, i'm so sad that i know these things.