22 April 2009

Costco: Where the Beautiful People Go

Apparently Costco doubles up as a modeling agency.

2 days ago I went to fuel up at Costco. When it was finally my turn I went to swipe my Costco card, and (gasp!) it was nowhere to be found! I dug around in my purse for it (the trouble with trying to be Mary Poppins is there's a LOT of crap to sift through in one's carpet bag), but didn't have much time before my lunch break was over, so I gave up rather quickly. Yesterday I didn't have to work, and so admittedly was half-hearted in my dolling up for the day. I met up with my Mumsy on her lunch break, and after she departed I went to the desk to get a free replacement card. The woman behind the counter said, "Ok sure, let's take your picture. I just need your driver's license." Then she got a REAL look at me, and gave me the head to rib cage. Then came a lip bite. Next tumbled out, "Oh...or...uh, I could issue a temporary card, and you could come in another day to take the picture...when you've...." "Got make up on?" "YES!"


Later in the day I was vacuuming my car and found the Costco card wedged in a cranny. I am kind of happy about that, though, because I look incredibly asian in my old Costco card and I always get a kick out of them doing the double take at the check out line, clearly thinking, "Hmmm, is she trying to pull a fast one on us? This can NOT be her." They don't do it every time, but I always get a chuckle when they do.


dre said...

there is NOTHING wrong with looking asian.

::Meredith:: said...

of COURSE it's good to look asian -- that's what's so great about the picture :). you're my favorite asian, though.