11 March 2009

hum dee dum

hum dee dum #1: i was in a costa rican mood 2 weeks ago so i bought 4 plantains or "platenos" to whip up like them old days.  if plantains are cooked under-ripe they taste like potato chips, and i can eat those any time in the version called "ruffles," so i like to wait until they're over-ripe or "maduro."  then you can boil or fry them...is this more info than you bargained for?  anyway as i said i bought them 2 weeks ago, and they are just barely ripening up.  for a while i thought they were pre-petrified or something.  hard as rocks.  in costa rica those things would be mush in 3 days.  

hum dee dum #2: i voted for megan joy corkrey 60 times tonight from jeff's AT&T phone on american idol.  i didn't really plan to vote so many times but the more the judges threw the proverbial roses onto the stage for that idiot adam lambert, the fake fall out boy wannabe (he really wants to be a broadway star on rent or pirates of penzance), the more my resolve was stiffened that megan must stay in the competition.

hum dee dum #3: words of wisdom from a clever and adorable boy: "when life hands you lemons, get a couple of avocados and make guacamole."


liNdsEYloO said...

i hate megan. hate her. this may be the straw that tipped the scales.

m.m. said...

seriously? megan is sooo awkaward. when she dances i have to cover my eyes with a blanket.

Melly Mel said...

ha ha! You are adorable Meredith. I hope Jeff gets free text messages :)

Miss you so so so so so so so much.
Why did I move here when you left?

::Meredith:: said...

haha, linz and meka, megan is still in the running.

and mel, seriously. come back.