06 March 2009

an insomniac's prattling

1. i got a job at us bank.  i'm starting mondee.  

1.5. i got into the paralegal program at UCI and am trying to decide on that.  i know what some of you are thinking.  "didn't you beg me to write your letter of recommendation for the MFA in creative writing???"  "gee, thanks, i'm glad i spent time writing your letter o' rec for the masters/teaching credential.  wonderful.  love it."  i'm trying to make a decision.  i hate this decision, because now does NOT seem to be the time to be going into hefty debt, even for school.

2. jason.  it seems everywhere people are talking about this guy jason, and not in positive tones.  this all savors strongly of when i came home from my mission and the whole of california was up in a big to do about tom brady leaving his prego ex-girlfriend, which doesn't make sense because how can you leave someone you left before either of you knew she was baking a bun of baby?  (oh the fun they all had when he lost the super bowl after a perfect season.  i heard the word "karma" about 390 times the next day at work.  boo ya, tom!)  so back to jason, the moron of the hour.  i didn't know much about him, having never been a bachelor watcher, so i peeked in on the season finale and the "after the rose" episode that was sittin pretty on my DVR.  this is what i have to say about it: ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR.  it seems to me we had a guy, he thought he liked it, and because the time came for the season finale, he put a ring on it, and then later he decided he didn't like it so he took the ring off it, and is dating someone else.  tacky to take the ring off it on national television?  of course.  but it's reality tv, and as a rule they do EVERYTHING in a tacky and attention grabbing way.  

3. i went to disneyland today with my mum.  great time.  she's so cute i'll have to put pictures up tomorrow.  it reminded me of being in europe with her, which was one of the best times i'll ever have in my life, so go ahead and assume today was a good day.  safe assumption.

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