28 March 2009

update o' fun

i'm ready and willing to blog a snibbin again.

- i'm going to go ahead and start the paralegal program in july. i didn't apply with enough time to get some funding, but lucky para mi, UCI is on the quarter system and i don't have to wait as long for a new batch of classes to start.

- my sister sally is in town this weekend. i was going to go taste wedding cakes with them except i was foiled by the fact that 1) it's not the sabbath yet, so i can't be sucking down treats, and 2) when mom and sarah found out how much this french bakery costs, my mom uttered that infamous line, "dollars?? d-dollars???  my first car didn't cost _____ dollars." the cake tasting session was cancelled with something along the lines of a "don't call us, we'll call you."

- i have a plan for the "operation: miss chloe pants, you don't even know it but you're going to pay for the damage you did to my car".  stage I of this plan is to get a bid on the fixing that she doesn't even know for which she's most deservedly going to pay.  mother meri and i went all the way over to the ghetto to the place i went to in 2003 to fix the geo prism, and i suppose the world has not been kind to this place, because it's vanished, aka out of business. foiled again.  until i get another minute to go find another car spa.

- today i saw a bumper sticker that said, "ORDAIN WOMEN TO BE CATHOLIC PRIESTS -- OR STOP BAPTIZING THEM!"  so many things to say about that...which...i'm not going to.  but it's just funny what some people say, and even better, what people say on loop from the metal crust of their mode of transportation.

- irvine always smells good in march.  it smells like star jasmine rubbing shoulders with eucalyptus.  i would wish it on all noses.

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MeiLani and Michael said...

Congrats on the paralegal program. That sounds exciting! Sorry to hear about the car stuff- I just took someone to small claims last week because the bugger refused to pay. Call me- I miss you.