17 March 2009

happy birfday to the king bee

in my family, st. patrick's day isn't just for pinching. it is for the commemoration of my who's your daddy, james/jim/jimmy eato.

*dad loves to cook. loves. to. cook. he's tres good at it, too.

*songs that remind me of him are do ya by ELO, ex-girlfriend by no doubt, any song from the robert plant/alison kraus collaboration, goodnight by the beatles, anything by miles davis, and of course, goin down slow by muddy waters. he has terrific taste in music and i always feel proud of myself when i show him something he turns out to like.

*he took me to an albert king concert when i was 7. he let me get as many shirley temples as i wanted, and it turns out i wanted about 49. i remember thinking, "eef thees ees torture, CHAIN ME TO THEE WALL!"

*when i was 6 and elizabeth was 8, my mom went out of town for a weekend. over a couple of slices of northwood pizza elizabeth casually asked, "hey, dad, can we get our ears pierced tomorrow?" "sure!" upon her return to irvine, mom was shocked to say the least, but eh, ear piercing was inevitable in any case.

*his midwestern accent has faded quite a bit, but you can still hear a sliver of it in the words "soda pap" and "barbie dall."

*he hates peanut butter frozen yogurt, loves peant butter. go fig.

*i think he misses heidi, our dead dog, every day. she was dumb as a rock, but dad saw something special in her, and he half-seriously calls her his "angel."

*if you're lucky, he'll bagpipe at your wedding or funeral.

*he worked hard, hard, hard to bring home enough bacon to keep us in tutus, piano lessons, little league, rugby, choir dresses, gassed up for trips to palo alto several times a year, a few trips to chi-town, etc. it's been a good life.

*he's got a freakishly brilliant political and religious mind.

happy bday dad, we love, love, love you.

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Jim Eaton said...

Thanks Merzy. This is great. I could not have received a nicer birthday present than this blog.