18 March 2009

No Fair

1. Last Monday as I was exiting my parked car in the employee section of the South Coast Plaza garage, a then-secretly demonic Chloe employee zoomed into a U-turn to park on my left (I was parked at the end of the row), and swiped my open car door (which she didn't have time to see, what with her speedy mcspeeding and all).  Notice the ugly pouty lip on my once-upon-a-time cute-ish Scion xA driver's side door.  I filed a claim, she LIED a RIDICULOUS LIE to the insurance company, and (sssshocking!) her insurance company isn't accepting liability.  Oh, Miss Evil Chloe girl, we are so not through here.  When the insurance guy called to report, it felt like when someone stole $7 out of my wallet in jr. high.  Sort of like, "Hey, I don't do that to anyone else, what makes you think you can do it to me???"  I'm not one of those people that goes around saying, "The world has gone to pot!" but her cheap lie (she said that I hit her car with my door while opening it. ????) made me dishearteningly disappointed in humanity.  Shake it off, Merzy, shake it off.

2. About 10 of my friends are going to Europe tomorrow with airfare and board they purchased at a screamin rate.  (So maybe that's completely fair, I'm just insanely jealous.)

3. Despite his blood-curdling performance tonight, Adam Lambert will probably still be in the running tomorrow on American Idol.

4. This little muffin niece of mine is pulling full on belly laughs, and she lives too far away for me to hear them in person.  It's such a cheap shot for Elizabeth to email pictures like these.  Sheesh.  FINE, I will come and visit as soon as I am able!!  You got me!

Sometimes a little bit of venting on a blog really does feel better.


laceyjo said...

Im so sorry about your car!! What a B! I totally feel ya on everyone going to Europe.. but hey you get to go to Mexico soon! I don't even get to do that!! :)

You are welcome to vent anytime. xoxo

elizabeth said...

Hey do. Come to Vegas. Dented car and all! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!