18 March 2009

the most random post to date.

remember your elementary school crush?  mine was pretty uniform, and landed on b.j. fell.  first tip that it was a childhood crush: i would never allow myself to go out with an acronym name person in adulthood.  i don't believe there's a slip of a chance he reads this blogety blog, but if he is in fact reading this post, it shouldn't come as a surprise to him, and i had it in good faith from a few of my grammar school BFFs that he had a crush on me too.  

what was this crush like?

he'd catch me staring at him, i'd catch him staring at me.  maybe if we were assigned seats next to each other and boys and girls were fraternizing in a friendly way, i'd say something like, "i like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches best."  and then b.j. might utter, "i like them best, too."  and then we'd look at each other with a mixture of shame and appreciation.  other than that we'd tease each other, call each other names, react dramatically (and scoffingly) to the slightest comment made by the other, perhaps even a poke, an "indian burn" (oh the political incorrectness of the late 80s!), and perhaps share an infrequent giggle.  "no" meant "yes" 99% of the time in them days.  i'm sure you yourself remember.

and that romance was on-again, off-again for at least 3 years of my tutelage at el camino real elementary school.  but you know, you grow apart, you reinvent yourselves, and with any luck, the split is amicable.  then at high school graduation we took a picture together, the summer after freshman year of college i waited on his parents one evening during my month-long stint as an annoyed server at the restaurant "on the border," and that's the end.

back to the description of the crush.  am i the only one who thinks that looks like the right side of the judges' table on american idol?  isn't paula abdul INSANELY in love with simon cowell?  unrequited has-been love.  what a doosy.

i promise i have other things going on in my life besides american idol.

apparently obama was in orange county today.  didn't see him.

jeff and i went to california adventure on monday and went on all the rides that are hard to persuade a larger group to go on.  he may be able to beat all 10 levels of labrynth on his iphone in about 7 minutes, but i beat him by a clear mile on that toy story target shooting ride.  

work has been going well so far.  although it's unfortunate how much i'm needing to adapt to longer hours (it used to go by so quickly!), i haven't yet rolled my eyes about this employment switch.  i actually have had some great conversations about the church with my new co-workers, it's a relatively aesthetically pleasing branch, the hours are much better than at charles david, and i just might become a cheapskate out of all this.  working with money all day somehow sucks the will to spend it plum out of a person.  

at sarah's wedding i'll have my 7th go as a bridesmaid.  how does that old saying go?  "23 times a bridesmaid, never a bride."  right.  i'm safe!

if anyone in orange county even considered shimmying into a pool or jacuzi sometime this year, just forget it.  you heard me, forget it.  we've been griping since january that jeff's association pool and jacuzi were closed down until april, then july, and now august.  last saturday we hauled buns to irvine to use my parents'/the jacuzi of my formative years.  nothin doin.  there we found out that every county pool and hot tub has been closed down until some unspecified date to bring it up to some lame code that i don't think could even be that important. :) i mean, we've all enjoyed those water bins as-is all this time!  some might say, "if something ees not broken, you are not to feex eet!"  anyway, it looks like i'll be spending the entire cruise in the pool to make up for lost time.  that and eating jalapeno poppers.

speaking of jalapeno poppers, i've already informed my parents they don't need to worry about those for sarah's wedding reception, i'll make the trip to costco and make sure they're on the refreshment table.  :)

speaking of refreshment table, i'm going to go see what i got me in my fridge.  :)

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Sarah said...

What's this I hear about the pools being closed?! I've been dreaming of them ever since winter BEGAN this year!