23 February 2009

A remote with such purpose is a happy one indeed.

Poof! went the cable guy's wand and my roommates and I found ourselves with real channels.  i can like, um, totally, turn on the tv and current events, sleazy dramas, shamefully addicting reality tv...it's all before me, at my fingertips and at my mercy...mine, Mine, MINE!!!

(For $15 a month.)

The cable guy's magic stick also deposits DVR, so tonight I decided on my #1 favorite purpose of this new mess we've gotten ourselves into:

I ask you, who DOESn't love a grumpy old man?!?!


[AnnieR] said...

1. Go and I think that Andy Rooney is Marco in male form. Either that or they need to meet, fall in love, get married and make grouchy babies. Just kidding. Just the first parts will suffice.

2. "Here, Here, Andy Rooney!"

3. Mr. Rooney needs a Mac.

4. The DVR will change your life.

dre said...

HEY!!! we are on the saaaame boat. i didn't even see this post... MUAHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.