07 February 2009

"Hoo hoo"

is what my freshly painted owl says.  Why the owl?  I don't know.  I like owls.  They're brimming with smarts.  I forgot how fun painting can be when you don't go into it expecting to outshine the Sistine Chapel.

I painted my initials Thursday just to make sure I still knew how to wield a brush. Each letter was supposed to be a different font.  Even though it didn't have quite the effect I had envisioned, I'm still down and jiggy with it because I had a great time.  I obviously still need to paint the edges.  Friday I painted the owl.  Is this the sort of moment in which Emeril shouts, "BAM!"?

And now I'm out of money to buy canvases so I'll move on to the more economically efficient watercolor.  I hated watercolor when I was in elementary school -- maybe 20something Merzy will appreciate it more.

The End.

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[AnnieR] said...

Funsies! Good for you!