22 February 2009

oscar soap box

when did the oscars become a cool kids table where they rip on anything that their [insert vegetable] sized intellects don't comprehend?  i watched it for a little while tonight and felt uncomfortable listening to everyone going on and on and ON about how these celebrities are carrying the world on their backs.  i don't doubt that acting would be difficult work, but it's a job, everyone's got to have one, and the praises were wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over the top.  they don't even talk about the pope like that.  

i'm really tired of everyone acting as though mormons hate gay people, or anyone else for that matter.  while i can't speak for all 13 million members of the LDS church out there in the world and how they feel toward other human beings, i know that hatred is not something the mormon doctrine is in line with, not one tiny bit.  i'm especially tired of this attitude people have about mormons being haters because these whiners certainly don't seem to be afraid of hating whomever they wish.  also, i believe as a mormon raised in a conservative family i have always been very able to identify and express my feelings.  and as jeff said, anyone who disagrees should definitely attend a sacrament meeting the first sunday of the month.  

there i'm done.  goodnight my pretties.


Katie Waldron said...

Amen and amen. :) I call the Academy Awards the "large & spacious" awards, because they really are in their own little arrogant and ignorant (in some ways) world. BUT- the DRESSES- I mean amazing right??

Lunch- thursday?

::Meredith:: said...

I know -- the dresses are one of my favorite reasons for peaking in on the oscars. i wish i could go to prom 39 more times in my life!!!

but that was also the most embarrassing...i mean those reporters have to layer it on thick but they were just being such idiots talking about what was pretty and what was ugly. who died and made them the fashion know-it-alls? isn't fashion subjective???

YES thursday lunch.