03 February 2009

Surprise!!! Jeff Hayes' 2nd 29th Bday!

That's what the secret Facebook invitation said. It's really fun to be the hostess of a party when everyone loves the guest of honor.  You say the word and people come and come running.

A boy and his cake.

A glazed smile.

A snog.

Mike Cunningham is the sort of photographer that makes you love your life even more.

He makes Tax Accounting look good.



Inebriating.  Bah ha, Drinking Anti-oxidant Cherry 7-Up (you think I'm kidding that time, but I'm not.  7-Up cares about your Vitamin E intake).

Martha Martha.  How do I love thee?

James James James.
I think this might be one of my favorite pictures.  I love Emily Hatch for so many reasons, but one of the toppers is her laugh.  You can hear it a mile away, and it's quite infectious.  True story.

I have more pictures.  Or, rather, Mike took more pictures.  Next post.  Or, if you're on Facebook you can stalk ALL 60 pictures snapped at the party.


Jim Eaton said...

Look like fun.

A-Ware said...

those ARE beautiful pictures. i need to email you again. check it soon!

A-Ware said...

that last comment was from m-ware, not a-ware.

::Meredith:: said...

it was fun. fun indeed.