04 May 2009

Good News/Bad News

Good news: When you go out of town for a weekend and don't spend any of your time by a computer, you get back to work on Monday and your Google Reader has 91 articles for you to read. I felt like it was Thanksgiving dinner!

Bad News: Due to the piglet flu, my cruise is officially re-routed for Oregon, Washington, and Canada. I checked the weather averages for May in the 3 stops: 60 degrees. It's ok, I'm happy to trade in my swim suit for a scarf, but I'm thinking the contest for "Most Times Down the Water Slide in a Single Afternoon" will be greeted less enthusiastically.


[AnnieR] said...

What a great attitude you have. I'd be throwing a full blown hissy. But then again, you DO live in paradise (so who needs Mexico anyway) and I live in a frozen tundra. Wanna trade?

Margaret said...

Well that is lame. Booking a cruise to Mexico and ending up in Canada are quite different.
But wait, does this mean you stop in Seattle? I can see you? Book your shore excursion avec moi!

Katie Waldron said...

That is crazy that they just re-route it & pick some other place assuming that everyone will want to go there! Ha! Seriously though- that sounds really fun. Pacific Northwest cruise- it will be beautiful and relaxing of course!

elizabeth said...

Well Meredith, if you were to choose any flu to get, it would be the pig flu, wouldn't it? The cruise people probably didn't realize that. But you'd probably be the only one. You know what your favorite pig and mine, Zashikibuta, always says, "I feel the need to feed." I miss you. Get your booty back up here!