24 May 2009

I'm back.

And thanks to many of you, my Google Reader boasts over 600 articles. I shall pour over these all week and gleefully entertain myself. Christmas came very early this year.

Let's get down to business. Great time. Loved it. Enough pictures to choke a piglet. So many in fact, I'm not going to even deal with them right now (and besides that, I have to wait for everyone else to put their pictures on facebook so I can decide if I want to use theirs or mine).

For now, I will say that I don't expect to ever hear my stomach growl again, believe I have found a new Meredith-Fad in yoga, have cultivated a testimony of the terrific bunk-mateness of Kiele Iverson, have made a dozen mental notes to myself to never EVER go to Canada without a coat no matter WHAT month of the year it is (sweatshirts don't quite cut it), and have fallen in love with said country. What a dream, and I mean that quite truly. I loved, loved, LOVED Canada. It doesn't get nearly enough credit. They dress a little funny, but the cities Victoria and Vancouver were absolutely delightful.

AAAAaaaaand of course I did lots of self-reflection in those moments when I was either able to zone out the louder voices of our group, and/or was alone in my "Stateroom" in between gluttonous meals or jacuzi dips. Here's a little moment of "Let's Get Our Real On". Somewhere in in the time since moving to CA last August I've become a sitter and not a doer. I don't even know how or when I let this happen. It's not that I haven't been enjoying my time. Quite the contrary. I've loved the last year of my life quite spectacularly. But I need some hobbies, I need some progression, and I need to get moving. Now this is getting quite cheesy, but these are the days, these are the times, my friends. Life actually is interesting to me. I need to dig deeper than I have been. Is anyone still reading this blog post? Didn't think so. Maybe I'll make my grandkids read it one day and say, "See kiddies? That's when I decided to take up bird watching, and look where it's gotten me!!!!" with a big toothless grin on my face.

Pics of le cruise to come.


[AnnieR] said...

I've missed the virtual you. I'm so interested in this renewed zest for life you're in the thick of. I wish I could sit down and talk about it with you. Maybe I'll just have to settle with sitting down with the virtual you. So more about this on the bloggyblog please.

elizabeth said...

Merzy, the Bird Watching Committee of America welcomes you with open arms.