03 May 2009

My sister just unearthed this picture.  How awesome would that be if I still had that sweater?  Little puff balls stuck to a sweater is the meaning of life.

Anyway, I had a good weekend with loads of good people.  Two-Square, pasta salad, baby drool and kisses, beauty parlor, religion, soft white couches, Wii, the New York New York hotel roller coaster, an extracted splinter, and many more things I'd remember if I weren't so sleep deprived :).  Isn't there some button I can push to make the weekend just extend a little bit?

Soon we'll be on the road agin, then it's back to work tomorrow, I've got to move, and keep lighting candles that the cruises aren't cancelled up to the 17th.  That pig flu's really gettin this girl down.

And a Happy Sabbath to one and all!

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[AnnieR] said...

I see Ruby, May and Olive. That's what I see.

Ditch the candle idea and build a swine shrine. You still have all the proper materials, I presume?