27 May 2009

Things that have little or nothing to do with a cruise:

Something that makes me dry heave, now and always:

I hate little snips habitually taken off words for the result of "li'l" or "'n". It absolutely grinds my nerves. Li'l Kim could have the vocal chops to rival that of Judy Collins but I'd still despise her. When I eat a Good 'n Plenty, I have to avert my eyes from the box. Can't we just talk like adults? Is it too much to ask for an AND?

Something that is difficult for me this week:

Climbing back on the "No Treats" wagon. All things considered, I didn't become as obese on the cruise as I'd anticipated. However, I tote around a few more libras than I'm accustomed to toting, and I wish they would get themselves hence! I might even be driven to a jog tonight after work because of the uncomfortable pull around the waist of my panteloons. And for all the many months I've gone eating sugar but once a week, it's appauling/amazing to me how quickly my body adapts to its continual presence again. It's like when I got my braces off. I got my retainer molds taken the same day, and 2 days after that when I went to pick them up, they were already tight on me. My teeth had already moved! What, 2 1/2 years of being raked in by metal tangs wasn't enough? Bad will gravitate back to bad ever so quickly. It makes me shudder.

Something that is perplexing for me this Tuesday and Wednesday:

What the am I supposed to do with myself now that American Idol is over? I thought I wouldn't miss it that much. Last night we (or I) kinda looked at each other (myself) like, "Now what?" Man, my life is juicy!

Something kinda neat:

Just when you think you live in the most idiotic, ill-managed state in the country, the powers that be decided to do something fair and uphold the vote that its people shoved in. Thanks, CA. You're a real gem. And next time Prop 8 is on the ballot, I'll be there and be square. Rufus Wainwright, I guess if you really want to get married it'll just have to be to one of my kind. :) Maybe me? I make really good cookies! I do I do!

Something kinda lame:


Something that will not be good for me in the long run:

Jeff left his iPhone in my car at lunch, so it's now in my custody the rest of the day. Every minute that chips away with it close by is a minute that weakens my resolve to be a cheap skate and stick with a ghetto cell phone set up when my contract with Sprint is up in August.

Something that you should do right now:

Eat some candy.


ericareynolds said...

Man, that must be some cookie. I'm not sure I'd want him even if he did change teams. I would have to ask myself if fabulous cookies and an alluring voice make up for the pictures in my head (clear throat) of BEFORE ...Hmmm. Still, I'd love to try some of those afore mentioned goodies!

Meredith said...

They don't have flax seed in them, but oh sweet heavens, they are TASTY.

The Jensen Family said...

I hate when people shorten words, especially when they drop the "g" off of a "ing" word! I hear you on this one--the English language is going downhill fast!

KatieB said...

for filling your american idol time slot, may i suggest so you think you can dance? it is very fun once they whittle down to the top twenty. i actually like it more than american idol. and you should hear chad call out those dancers when their paso doble isn't right.