06 May 2009


i feel i should blog something very interesting, but i'm pulling blanks. what could i blog?


* i'm sick? i won't mention who's to blame or what my specific symptoms are. it's ok, i'm off to work in a bit and the dayquil comes with me. my pain threshold is probably a -37. i am very well versed in the language of over-the-counter.

* every time i move i realize what pack rats we eatons are? it's horrid. even as much as i try to let go of things, it accumulates in the dumpsters' wake. i think this actually is not an EATON thing so much as a McOMBER thing. my dad's pretty good at letting go of the tangible but i remember overhearing a few disputes in the late 80s about whether or not my mom would be backed up in her quest to keep the useless ______s. i have to sit there and say to myself, "no, meredith, you DO NOT have to keep the card your young womens advisor wrote you in 1997. you just don't need to keep it." or, "that easter basket was very sweet of jeff, but you don't have enough space for it, clean and simple." i've decided to start taking pictures of the items that must be gone but not forgotten.

* i voted 75 times for kris allen last night, and then my boyfriend voted for him about 10 more times after me? if adam lambert gets in the bottom 3 again i just might say, "drinks on me, guys!" and then we'll all head over to sonic for a slushy something or other.

* there has been so much drama surrounding this cruise? bleh, what a mess. i've said it before, i'll say it again, it's going to be just like in apollo 13 when gary sinese's character is barred from the mission because he MIGHT have the measels, so they hastily throw in kevin bacon's ill-prepared playboy character, and there is strife in space. meanwhile, gary sinese is measels-free in houston and the pointed fingers bring little satisfaction. while i'm sure astoria is beautiful, we signed up for the mexican riviera, and i just have this inkling that while we're looking at rain drops, the pig flu will be all but a memory. and that is my last word on the cruise (until i post pictures in 3 weeks).

* i love you? there.


Katie Waldron said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blizog. Hope you feel better soon. Theraflu is my crack of choice. Plug your nose & bottoms up.

Margaret said...

It is a McOMBER thing.

I hope your cruise gets all worked out. Astoria is charming and the setting of Goonies, but...

Feel better, much love.